Online TechMeeting "Disrupting Space"

January 27th, 2021

The Online TechMeeting "Disrupting Space", powered by the Global Open Innovation Network and in which the ASTech Paris Region is a partner will take place on January 27 (9AM PST - 12PM EST - 6PM CET). The event will be composed of a fireside chat with industry experts, followed by startup pitches. Register here.

Event Description

Space exploration and infrastructure projects are flourishing and companies like SpaceX or Virgin Galatic are gaining momentum. With governments and investors pouring billions into these projects, the market is expected to keep growing at a steady pace and help more disruptors emerge. This event will gather experts and startups to discuss topics such as Earth observation, communications, navigation and positioning, new manufacturing processes, space platforms, payload hosting, and more.


  • Christelle Astorg-Lepine, Program Manager - Connect by CNES
  • Jerome Vila, Founder & Leader - ArianeWorks
  • David Barnhart, CEO & Co-founder - Arkisys
  • Kelly Larson, CEO - Aquarian Space
  • Vanessa Clark, CEO & Co-founder - Atomos Space
  • Brendan Richardson, CEO & Co-founder - Astraea
  • Mike Cassidy, CEO - Apollo Fusion


  • Market analysis
  • Fireside chat and Q&A
  • Startup presentations

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