GMI Aero présente ses deux nouveaux produits : Leslie et ANITA EZ09

GMI AERO has been since its foundation in 1985 a leading innovator and a key provider of solutions and products for advanced process control used in the composite material manufacturing and repair.
The company presents its two new products: Leslie and ANITA EZ09.

“Leslie” Mobile Composite Repair Workshop: 
Conceived almost two decades ago and continuously evolving, the innovative “Leslie” Mobile Composite Repair Workshop is still the most faithful companion of any composite repair technician.

The ANITA EZ09 - A New Concept for Smart Patch Repair Bonding: 
A new ANITA EZ version has been recently released, including an upgraded control logic, which uses a variety of algorithms and settings (Proportional Integral Derivative - PID etc.) adapted to the heating element selected by the user.

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