More Electric Aircraft 2015

Future aircraft technology will increasingly rely on electrical power. From unmanned drones and light piloted aircraft which are currently battery or solar powered, it is envisioned that technological developments will see future transport aircraft electrically powered and adopting hydrogen energy storage.

There are many benefits to the more electric aircraft. The move to electric brakes and the recently advertised electrical "green taxiing" systems allow airlines to reduce operating costs and environmental impact during ground operations. Wide-body aircraft already benefit from sophisticated electrical power management systems and increased numbers of all-electric actuators. Current research and development programmes in Europe and beyond are pushing new technological advances to make electrical systems more reliable and power dense. These include new power electronic devices, novel high efficiency, power dense generators, advanced actuation systems as well as real-time power management. These will directly contribute to lighter aircraft and subsequent reduction in fuel consumption and will pave the way towards greener aviation.

Following the successful European conference held in Bordeaux in November 2012, and its national predecessor in Toulouse in January 2009, the organisers of MEA2015 invite industry and research representatives to contribute to this new exciting edition, and prepare to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to technological developments as well as future concepts associated to more electrical aircraft.