NanoAvionics is looking for partners for calls of EDIDP

NanoAvionics is a nanosatellite mission integrator focused on delivering new generation satellite buses and propulsion systems for the satellite applications market. With facilities in North America and Europe, NanoAvionics’ team consists of over 80 driven and skillful employees: we have over fifty successful satellite missions and projects under our belt, and we keep counting.

NanoAvionics’ main product - 6U satellite bus is based on a modular and highly integral design. It delivers extends payload volume and saves development costs for customers. M6P satellite bus enables customers to concentrate on the most important mission goals and deal with high-level mission implementation tasks only, such as payload development, integration, and support during the mission in orbit. The standard configuration of the nanosatellite bus is optimized for IoT, M2M, ADS-B, AIS, other commercial and emergency communication applications, and scientific missions.

M6P bus includes propulsion system capable to perform high-impulse maneuvers such as: orbital deployment, orbit maintenance, atmospheric drag compensation, precision flight in formations, orbit synchronization and atmospheric drag compensation. It results in extended satellite orbital lifetime uncovered new opportunities for the unique customer missions and significant savings on constellation maintenance costs.

The topics of interest for EDIDP 2020 call would be:

4.2.5. Maritime surveillance capabilities (call for proposals – 2020):

  • Multifunctional capabilities, including space based surveillance and tracking, able to enhance the maritime awareness (discover, locate, identify, classify and counteract the threats) with particular focus on maritime littoral and high sea areas and harbour protection and related critical infrastructure;
  • Maritime signal intelligence, supporting electronic warfare;

4.2.3. Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and early warning capabilities (call for proposals – 2020):

  • Enhanced SSA sensors for accurate identification and characterization of existing Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) public and private assets;

Arūnas Beržinskas, Business Development Manager for Governmental Programs
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