2nd Metallic Materials and Processes international conference

Deauville - October 25th to 27th, 2017


This new and unique symposium will bring together scientists, designers, manufacturers and integrators, end users from the academic, institutional and industrial from “Advanced Metallic Materials & Structures World”.

It will constitute a unique opportunity to bring together all players in the use of Metallic Engineering Solutions for Advanced Applications.

Emphasis will also be given to the relationship between Schools, Universities and Industry, including training of professional actors.

There will be outstanding presentations and also many formal and informal opportunities for exchanges, networking and cross-fertilization.

The conference will address Metallic Materials and Processes Industrial Challenges in Aerospace applications.

Meanwhile, in order to create cross-fertilization and transverse relations, and address common concerns, papers are expected on:

  • Automotive Applications including High Performance Engines & Structures
  • Railway Transportation
  • Sea Transportation
  • Industry, Off-shore, Construction and Buildings
  • Energy Production including Nuclear and Wind Energy
  • Medical and Bio Medical
  • Extreme Environment including Radiative Environment


Topics should encompass the whole range of materials, technologies, and industrial processes:

  • Raw Material Extraction and Metallurgic Transformation
  • Powder Metallurgy and Sintering
  • Additive Layer Manufacturing and 3-D Printing
  • Advanced Milling, advanced Casting
  • Advanced Cutting and Machining
  • Advanced Welding incl. Friction Stir Welding, Electron Beam Welding etc
  • Hybrid joining, innovative assembly, functionalization…
  • Forming and Stamping
  • Modern Surface Treatment...

Outstanding presentations should cover the complete spectrum of engineering activities for metallic materials and structures:

  • Static and dynamic mechanical design, including numerical simulation
  • Thermal design
  • Design rules and margins management through life cycle
  • New design approaches (biomimetism) and consequences on standards
  • Manufacturing processes numerical simulation
  • Efficient manufacturing techniques
  • Verification, qualification, acceptance
  • Non destructive testing and health monitoring through all life cycle
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Decommissioning and waste treatment.

Special keynotes should also be devoted to system point of view for using metallic material in high demanding applications (mass and cost saving, high performance breakthrough technologies, efficient waste treatment, reducing C02 emission, consequences of REACH new regulations …). Overall life cycle cost assessment and cost reduction should be addressed.

Quality, Integrity, Mechanical Properties of manufactured parts are a point of concern with all above mentioned advanced laboratory and industrial process. Therefore, a special attention will be given to reliable manufacturing process numerical simulation.

In tomorrow’s world, advanced metallic applications will contribute in a sustainable development and to emergence of increased performance new systems and services.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Conference 2nd Edition!


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