Lancement du MOOC Copernicus

The Copernicus MOOC aims to make Copernicus and its ecosystem accessible to all. It is designed for all people who use or could benefit from using geo-information data, but who have no or limited prior experience in doing so. All first-time and intermediate users of Copernicus data and services from the public and private sector and public sector are therefore invited to participate: civil servants, policy makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, intrapreneurs, service designers, etc.

The course will address three key topics:

  1. Understanding Copernicus data and services – what they are, and how they can be accessed and used
  2. Learning from success stories – understanding how existing Copernicus-enabled services and applications have been developed and deployed
  3. Doing it yourself – acquiring the key skills and knowledge to develop and deploy Copernicus-enabled products and services and to navigate the Copernicus ecosystem

First courses in February.

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