Recherche de partenaires - Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd

“Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, a high-tech SME developing in-wheel electric propulsion systems for all kinds of vehicles, is targeting TRANSPORT, BATTERIES, ICT, CLIMATE, ENERGY, SPACE, NMBP, SSC and FET calls. 

We are interesting in H2020 projects in the transport domain with the goal of exploring interesting opportunities for collaboration.

Elaphe is quite successful in European Framework Programmes: 

  • we are an experienced partner in EU-funded projects – member of 13 funded projects in the last five years,
  • we have the know-how for preparing high-quality content for proposals (i.e., we received over one million EUR in SME phase II funding with a proposal written completely in-house),
  • we have good communication and cooperation skills and understanding of the EU funding mechanism (as partner in several large H2020 and FP7projects),
  • we have excellent references, many awards, patents, SME status, and other content that is beneficial for the project proposal,
  • we are Industry board member of EGVI, member of EPoSS and member of Battery Alliance
  • we have good strategic geographical position to extend the positive influence of the project by having multiple countries involved and
  • as most importantly we are working on cutting edge technology of power and control electronics and in-wheel motor technology which everyone is now supporting for ecological and autonomous driving vehicles.

We are most interested to participate in several H2020 calls for 2019/2020 so we have attached our Expression of Interest with additional information.

We are interested to participate as a partner and we are looking for existing project consortiums that would be interested in cooperation with Elaphe.“ 


Mirjana Oblak
Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd. 
Mobile: +386 30 706 104