Eurisy Members' Corner: Focus on the European Space Agency

April 14th, 2022

The webinar will provide insights on the approach of the ESA Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) programme to support growth and global competitiveness of the space downstream and new space industries of ESA Participating States, while enhancing the transition into a sustainable, green, and digital Europe.

The space ecosystem is experiencing exponential transformation of business models, with new space players, including start-ups and Small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), entering space markets at an unprecedented rate.

The Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) programme of the European Space Agency (ESA) offers well established frameworks to capture such  potential innovation and deliver socio-economic benefits to the society at large.  By providing technical and business support, zero equity funding and access to its partners’ network, the programme supports EU start-ups, SMEs, as well as mid-caps and corporates to define, develop, verify and validate innovative and sustainable applications/services utilising space assets and fulfilling customers and end-users’ needs.

A close cooperation with users and potential stakeholders, service providers and other players is a key element for the BASS implementation. By leveraging international cooperation in key verticals, the programme aims to identify and bring to operational use innovative and wide-ranging applications addressing key industry sectors challenges and delivering real, measurable benefits to society, business and the economy.

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