More Electric Aircraft – MEA 2019

6-7 février 2019 - Toulouse

On-going research and investments in air transportation are driven by the needs to reduce carbon emission and operating costs and to increase reliability. New research programmes in Europe and beyond are pushing innovative propulsion concepts, all electric, hybrid or turboelectric, potentially distributed. The design for this future generation of more electric propulsion aircraft issues challenges not only structure and aerodynamics but also electrification of aircraft systems, power distribution, energy storage, thermal management, reliability, certification and multidisciplinary design. All of these topics will be addressed during the conference. 

Following the successful European conference held in Bordeaux on February 2017, the organisers of MEA2019 invite you to this new exciting edition in Toulouse.

An industrial exhibition organized together with the conference will give opportunity to the audience to visit booths where labs and industry will highlight their latest achievement related to MEA. Furthermore, MEA2019 will be held in parallel with the DECIELEC event ( and registration to MEA2019 conference will give the opportunity to attend freely this industrial exhibition with more than 100 booths on connected & embedded systems, power electronics and energy systems management.

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