La société Fleetonomy (Israël) cherche à intégrer un consortium

Fleetonomy (Israël) souhaite rejoindre un consortium dans le cadre de l'appel DT-ART-04-2019.

Fleetonomy, a smart mobility software company, is looking to join a large existing consortium with expert bid-writing, proposal development and project management capabilities.

They offer a end-to-end, AI based, mobility as a service platform to operate multiple services such as ride-sharing and DRT (demand responsive transit) services using the the same fleet of vehicles. Fleetonomy’s advanced algorithms help balance your vehicles across different mobility services and allocate your fleet according to predicted demand. Achieve better vehicle utilization, increase efficiency, and generate higher revenues.

Deployed and working with top tier European Automotive OEMs, Fleetonomy is now looking to form partnerships in order to engage in H2020 projects.

Contact : Avi Friedman

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