SAFRAN Labinal Power Systems joins the EURIPIDES² Board.

Paris, 19 March 2015 - The EURIPIDES² Board has unanimously approved SAFRAN Labinal Power Systems as a new Board member.

With the creation of Labinal Power Systems, SAFRAN becomes a world leader in electrical wiring interconnection systems (EWIS) and power systems for civil and military aircraft, while bolstering its cross- disciplinary Research & Technology programs for all power systems, and expanding its engineering capabilities.
Already a recognized leader in power electronics, Labinal Power Systems actively supports SAFRAN’s strategy in the fast-growing market for "more electric" aircraft. Labinal Power Systems is a center of expertise in aircraft electrical wiring interconnection systems (EWIS), power systems, wiring and advanced engineering, making it the world’s leading supplier of equipment for "more electric" aircraft.
Labinal Power Systems has over 13,800 employees at 45 offices and facilities worldwide.

The footprint of Labinal Power Systems matches with the EURIPIDES² program and could support further growth of EURIPIDES², in particular in Canada. Synergies that may arise through the EURIPIDES² Cluster network will be leveraged and as such, Labinal Power Systems is glad to join the EURIPIDES² Board”, says Serge Berenger, VP Innovation and R&T of SAFRAN Labinal Power Systems.

"I warmly welcome SAFRAN Labinal Power Systems in EURIPIDES². Not only this company will feature an important domain in electronics but they will provide added value and new opportunities for our community in cross fertilizing the domains covered by EURIPIDES². The multidisciplinary approach is also a key ingredient for successful innovation” says Jean-Luc Maté Chairman of EURIPIDES² and Vice President of Continental Engineering Services.

The EURIPIDES² Board is now composed of 23 members based in 9 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

About SAFRAN Labinal Power Systems: